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The mania grows maniacal.

Things at work have changed around so damned much that my sense of time has gotten fuxx0red.  The one sup that told me he was gonna go look at another company for work--it really does seem like he said that months ago, but the actual window for him talking to them was last week or so.

I'm gonna have to stop listening to my old tracks--I am starting to feel the bite of the recording bug.

In related news, I have determined that I'm not really much of an internet reader.  I just finished John Dies at the End, a 150k novel, available online, and it's been so long since I started it that I can't even remember. 

Was it the illness that made my time-sense so warped?

I also can't seem to get my chi pointed in the right direction to finish "The First Victim", first part of the second Night-Blooming Flowers series.  I've got it drawn, laid out, just need to shade it up.  I'm also toying with the idea of getting some tests run of the 16 x 20-ish size prints. 

In related news (I keep saying that, only it turns out that I'm not sure what the news is related to), the shadow man has built himself a young god with dusty black-bag science, and the werewolf is on his way.  More on this at eleven.

This is SIX!
All your friends are Black Sabbath fans.
This is NINE!

The scan is complete.  No threats have been found.

Okay now I'm just staring at the screen.

Yesterday at work I suffered another attack of ADD-like symptoms:  Everyone walking around me talking was distracting the shit out of me, from the people in my headset.  I have a brand-new headset that most of the time I have to have turned all the way down, and yet the background sounds were distracting me to the point that I wanted to stand up and shout at someone.  Speaking of changes at work, one of the sups told me yesterday that I'm now no longer allowed to kill anyone.

What the fuck is that?  when I asked the Ops Mgr about it, she was all like, "Yeah, they won't let me kill anyone either."

Like this is a game of what the fuck she can't do.  Do you know who I am?  I can kill the whole canteen with a thought.

I've noticed that it is indeed, true--cats are excellent temperature gauges.  Want to know where the warm places are?  Find the cat. 

Nigel seems perturbed by the sudden intrusion of sock-feet into his little patch of sunshine and warm-air cross-currents.  He has a look that says he may be rallying the troops, soon.  And now, the pick up the strings, and see if I can't wrap this thing up.

I'm thinking that it's be better to actually list the songs you were listening to over the course of generating your entire post.  So, here goes:
"Master Exploder"
"Dude (I Totally Miss You)"
"Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)"--Tenacious D
"Icky Thump"--White Stripes
"Sheer Heart Attack"
"Get Down Make Love"--Queen
listed track above, and then, while running down this list and typing it:
"Bloodbath in Paradise"--Ozzy Osbourne

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