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Should have liked to have scrubbed the shower, but otherwise I'm fairly satisfied with the progress I made on my days off.

After [ profile] shrijani showed me how, I got some jump rings sawn, somewhere in the neighborhood of 70. Got the living room in some sort of order. Snuck off and bought a mini-tree, even though [ profile] shrijani said we weren't having one this year. Just didn't seem right to me. Now to get some presents under there!

Boss called me yesterday morning around this time and told me that they really needed some people, and said that OT was open all week, so I'll be going in at least a couple of hours early every day--which will cut into my time online and all that, but it makes the check swell with glee. They're doing shift bids next week. Right before fucking Christmas. Which really sucks, because with the schedule I have right now I would have had Christmas Eve and Christmas off. After consideration, I have determined that I would much rather spend my first Christmas together with my wife.

Okay--gotta bail. Ya'll have fun now, y'hear?

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