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One thing I realized as we were building the bunk bed, is that I hate musicals

Easy, now! Not hate like I would kick a hole in the screen that dared show one, but a new hate, a strange hate, like the one I reserve for the inlaws--I hate them till I'm near them, then I am okay with them, and even might enjoy them a bit.

S'cuse--issues much?

Chey was watching Oliver! with the twins, and I could hear it in the next room, and I kept a running dialogue with Amanda about how i was being annoyed by it all:

"They're fucking dancing again, aren't they?"
She laughs, not looking up from her cut marking, "Yeah. They're dancing again."
"And that! What Is that? Is that a fucking piccolo?"
Laughing harder, she tries to reply," Yeah, I think it is..."

Goddamn buncha happy bastards all flying around singing shit and being merry--yuckypoos.

But then again, Amanda is terribly irked by the fact that I on occasion lobby for favor-repayment in the form of permission to view Monster Dog, with Alice Cooper, or the purchase of some new horrible zombie flick. Although they are quite the learning experience. Without Street Zombies, I would have never really known about the special-effects applications of wet pantyhose.

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Sat down and used brain, to discover that shade doesn't read me--waa! Not sure that it means anything though, as she has to trim down for the Shadesong Bug.

I guess I spend too much time trying to have other people validate me. That's one of the things I want to be rid of.

Will be going tomorrow morning to drop off my background info, and find out what's going to be up with the physical.



So far, still going. I've always looked good in olive drab.

Tiger's ATT should get back to us some time next week, and that means disgusting sums of money--to the point where when I get back, I will have to re-assess my life. Fuck. We're actually gonna get to pay taxes! Wow. My whole life spent so far under the poverty level, managing to make appearances. I hope we don't let it get all crazy. We live comfortably enough now, it's just that we'd be able to pay our bills in a timely fashion and not have to worry about shit getting cut off all the time. We could like, save money and shit, too.

I'm going to have to look into doing a living will, if I get enlisted. A year from now, who knows what the world opinion will be of the US, when people here in its borders are crying fascist. I might catch a bullet, or get vaporized in the name of Allah, or whatever. Not that I'm going to spend my time running around thinking about it, worrying--you just gotta live as best you can, and that means making sure that my shit is taken care of before I get assigned a duty somewhere.

I was thinking of pulling a pussduty, getting some kind of career path that would keep me further away fom the bullets, but after vidi spoke support, I can't help but feel that that would simply be another instance of me trying to live a life without honor. Now I'm thinking maybe I should get into it as a journalist, if that's where my best skills lie. Granted I want something that'll translate into a marketable skill when I get out, if I choose to get out, but at the same time, I don't want to back down on our troops.

In world news, we started and completed the twins' bunk bed, made it out of two-by-fours and -sixes, but only had a jigsaw to cut the wood with. My Skilsaw has a bent foot, which makes all the cuts come out crooked. I'm gonna have to find a way to replace it, or scrap the whole saw. I'll have to get in there and sand down the edges, and paint it someday real soon, but for now we're back concentrating on cleaning and trying to get our futures mapped.

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The input jack on the red guitar seems to be working, save that now I have some sort of shielding feedback, some kind of electrical thing toouching another thing that makes all things squeal unless my fingers are in contact with metal. Am wondering should I reverse the ground and the other wire, or maybe it's just a product of the fact that I haven't soldered the joins at the jack.

Thought for a moment or seven that I had lost the electronics cover. Also, the tone pot has some kind of mechanical problems, so I'm gonna have to replace it at some point. The action on this guitar is too high, but I'm afraid of lowering the saddle heights because the pickups are really high, ad you can't lower them--without routing out more of the guitar than I even care to do. I'll try the saddles, and see if the sound gets too fucked because of the proximity to the pickups.

See, if you get the strings too close to the pickups, which are big ol' magnets, you lose sustain and clarity to your sound, because the magnetic field will fuck up the string's free vibration. I'm sincerely hoping that my little care packages will show up soon, from [ profile] shrijani and my cousin, each sending me slices of their talentability, although only one of them lives in Kansas.

I'm also going to have to set the intonation on this one, as I never did previously, noting all the other defects to playablilty first, and the way things are running, I may have to block the tremolo completely to keep the strings from going out of tune from my hamhanded playing. At least I'm not the only one who beats the shit out of their strings--the Young brothers, well, at least Malcolm and Angus, anyway, knock hell out of their strings and axes--they say it's the only way to get the most out of them. 'Course they play heavier gauge strings than me, too--and they rock, whereas I only fiddlefart.

I'm quite curious as to whether or not Kirk Hammet still plays using two different sets of strings on his guitar...anybody know the answer to that one?

By the way, if you don't know these names, don't ask me about them as I will only move very far away from you, and eye you askance. I will answer any other questions, of course.

guitar work

Sep. 3rd, 2003 02:45 pm
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Had to bore out the channel for the input jack on my superstrat knockoff, and the fucking bit slipped and knocked a chunk out of the wood beside the channel. Bastard.

Reason I'm dong this is because until I do something fabulous to this guitar, it will simply have to make do with accepting cheap-ass Fender-style input jacks, instead of the weirdass one that was in it, that quit working. Have epoxied a washer into the new widened channel, and that'll be the plate the jack bolts onto. After this, it's solder in the new jack, thread it into the channel, bolt it down, fingertight for starters, and then solder the ground back down.

I really should have made better preparations before dismantling my Fender--I don't even have a set of replacement strings, (that I can find, anyway) so I'm gonna have to do a run to the music store, pick up a set, and maybe snag the replacement nut for Pa's mandolin while I'm there.

By the way, Fender paint does not smell particularly nice when it is being sanded off...

Pictures here...

Stage One

Sep. 2nd, 2003 12:40 pm
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The Fender is parts. I am almost saddened. Thank God I have backup electrics!
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Y'know, for someone who lists Guitar as one of his interests, I don't talk about it all that much...

Oh yeah?! Well Fuck You! FUCK!! Gedall upn my bidness n shit!! Damn!

Not really all that much to say on the front, 'cept that I still haven't decided on the sound I get from having flipped the middle pickup in my Strat over. I'm definitely at some point going to go back in there and replace the outer cover to said pickup, as I don't much dig the crispness of the tone, and I think the little plastic cover is something of a dampener. The crispy thing is okay, on it's own, except that it fucks with my hellnoise, and we can't have that, now can we?

(grabs up ballbat and another chicken, and arches an eyebrow expectantly) Can we?
(glares at chicken)
Thought not.

Also, got around to filing some more height off of my twelve-strings acoustic's saddle, and then restrung it. Noticed after some playing that this particular specimen is defintely in the state I call "temporary fix": The body is giving under the pressure, and one day, after I have all the tools, I'm going to have to crack it apart and reinforce the entire gut-structure of the poor thing, as the action near the sound hole is over an eighth of an inch (bad thing) high, working its way towards a quarter inch. Oddly enough, I've played and owned worse, in my life, and the beat-up lil fucker can still stay mostly in tune, so that's all right then. Just something I'll have to deal with when I've the time and tools--right now I hardly even have proper household tools, much less all the fun specialized things you need for serious luthier work.

Mulled over design ideas for the Splatterbastard (my pet name for the paint job I have in mind for the Strat), and I'm thinking about taking out the entire trem block, and maybe even going so far as to replace it with something more along the lines of what Fender puts on their Teles, and then custom-fitting some nice sounding wood in the routed hole for the trem block. Am basically decided on replacing the pickguard with a custom cut piece of lucite, with a hand-drawn graphic pasted to the underside, to hide the electronics. Gave up on the idea of rewiring the Strat to only have the neck and middle pickups with indiviual volume controls and a master tone--played the bridge pickup with the middle, and decided the former could stay for a bit longer.

The Ibanez (I've a recently out-of-stock six string acoustic, one of their low-range builds, but compared to what I've played in the past, it's a godsend) continues to play like a sweet dream, but I'm now getting weebit sad, as I didn't take better care of the strings, so now they've gone dull. Waah.

Am thinking about talking the (soon-to-be honest) missus into letting me buy up the solder and pots I need to replace with this paycheck--all three electrics have to have something replaced in the way of volume pots, although I am also seriously considering getting some circuit-cleaning spray and seeing if that will work, to save time and money--I still need to find a replacement thin-ass nut for the tone knob on my knockoff superStrat, and will eventually get around to replacing the input jack on it, as it's been gone for months now, leaving me with a nice red gitty on the wall for deco.

Now. Anyone else wonder whether or not I'm interested in guitars?
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I have now put the ever-sexy Kyremius upon ye, o minions of the internet tide-pools. Also, i have completed my ever-crappy Monkeychucks, which I had intended to be far more professional looking--but I got impatient to play with them. The pain has begun. First injury: bonked my knee. Care must be taken with those of us who wear larger rings--the Monkeychucks keep bouncing off my wedding band. (if they'd play better tunes perhaps I wouldn't have to abuse them so)
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Am drawing to a close on my "make nunchakus from an old chunk of pine" project, especially since the redicovery of my chisel made bringing the chunks of wood down to their target sizes. And, no i'm no martial-arts freak, i just had a set of chucks once, and miss wandering around the house hurting myself and spinning them, intermittently.

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