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Dunno why I titled it like that, but, there you are. That's a line Jello said. But anyway.

Spent basically the majority of the day sitting around and either staring at the tardnets or playing guitar of some form or another. Stacked my new mp3 player with some new tunes for when I go back to work Monday and want to avoid talking to anyone else while I'm on break. Monday starts my new schedule, where I go in in the afternoon and leave around eleven. The cool part is, with the schedule I picked (out of the two remaining), I go in on Monday, and then get two days off. So maybe I can make up for all the slacking off I've done today.

I really think it might have something to do with the moon. I've been really tired, thanks to the moon, except for those little periods in the midday where I'm wired and crazy as all hell.

I'm kinda tired right now, actually. Think I'll shut up, or maybe go read old posts over at the undead OurPlace.

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