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hunt down my photos for pics of the raw, unpainted bunky beds we made--and some shots of a rat that doeswn't hold still


Sep. 3rd, 2003 03:07 pm
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I put pictures up here.
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The Sunday paper is so large that I could smell it the moment i walked into the room. The twins had opened it and scattered it about a bit, and my room is like a bracket shape, bed on one end, desks on the other, display case n dresser in the thin bit. I entered the room to fetch them out of it, and I could smell the paper--that newspaper smell. Itr wasn't until I came round the bendie n saw the paper that I recognized it tho.

So what have you guys smelled lately?

Those of you who haven't showered yet need not apply.


Aug. 16th, 2003 04:22 pm
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I rarely get very scared, even by the unexpected.

But Kitten just walked up behind me--and sometimes the girls can be so quiet! I turned to get something, working in the kitchen, and there she was, holding the Ballerina Poodle up for me to take, and I actually jumped into the air and yelled, not figuratively, but literally, about six inches off the ground, limbs spasming, and a good, old-fashioned, "Rahh!" ripped out of me by the unexpectedness of it all.

Fortunately, Kitten thought it was all a game, and didn't get scared. Sometimes you can stub your toe on something, and the bang and the loud cursing makes her think you are yelling at her. And then she starts crying this heartbroken sniffling thing, and it eats your soul.

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