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I have been informed by milady that I am bad--I apparently was supposed to tell you all that we're getting married in the last post. On Sunday--I know it's short notice, but we really didn't invite anyone, haha. We're getting married now so that I can claim kitty and the litter for benefits when I try to sign up the for the Army the day after. Ya'll wish us luck! Seems like we're buckling up for a ride methinks.

if any of this posts seems assholish or flippant or callous--tough!


just kidding. It's because I am tired and i have been ridiculed for my retarded typing.


Aug. 31st, 2003 08:59 am
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On my crapsite's guest book, the embedded ads are all about subliminl therapy, and ways to hypnotize yourself into being a more successful straight.

I think today someone is going to have to be sacrificed to a potato, for my needs.
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I'm playing around with this silly vampire game, online, where basically all you do is run around and drain blood, gather coinage, and that's about it. i can't manage to get enough action points rolled up to have too much fun with it, as the server load has been protected by chopping up the action you can get into...sigh.

I just can't stop doing it, and it is making me ache to roleplay or something

No, no--you silly sex-fiends--I'm talking about tabletop RPGs like D&D, where the d20 is utilized in a more mundane fashion, lol...
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One of my daughters snuck a pair of scissors and butchered her hair. When the missus sees that, i am most likely totally toast. Prayers, helpful spells, or large infusions of cash would be helpful at this point!

Or maybe you could just wake up Godzilla to get my back, okay?
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chrishaas is back.
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So now i have decided that it time for a new resolution--even though those are seldom worth the time it takes to make them--this be my last day of sin--from now i be clean, as far as doing my dad-and hubby-like duties goes. which means that this will be my last day of silly staring at the box for hours on end--unless of course, I've got everything that needs doing done. Tell you later how it goes.
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I love the Most Annoying Web Page--love it.
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Finally saw it today, and I dunno what the other folks are saying, but my kids, who were with us, and were mystified into stock-still gape-mouthed watching by the first film, ran all up and down the theater during this one. It has a definite way-station feel to it, as though you are on your way from this film to the next, and while it had some definite moments, i don't think it worked as well as a stand-alone film. I can very easily see myself watching it right before perhaps the final episode, but not just by itself. Of course I'm glad i only have four more months to wait for the next one...
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Part of my fun trio of dreams last night involved the gorgeous Anna, a mixed-asian-blooded beauty who I have never seen before in real life, yet was supposed to have had a crush on in high school, where there were not only hardly any Asian people attending, but none that I really knew and/or liked. I started necking with her a bit, and was desperate to do the old in-out, when suddenly she takes me over to some people, who break oout pamphlets of sexual acts and start breaking down the "rules" to sex with this magnificent young lady (who, like all Beautiful Dream People, Had to be good-looking cuz she was so hard to see), including the fact that the place we were in, some kind of beach house, was constantly subjected to visitation by some form of party inspectors, not to mention the fact that there wasn';t anywhere private to creep off to.

I have come to the conclusion that for me, in this life that I live in, all sex is a hassle.
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Have finally found a tool that will help me enter in all those nifty prestige classes into Etools without having to try and work out what the heck the database entries refer to as pertains to the whole paper-based classes. Am now in hog-heaven, entering feats and classes and the like.
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It's a rainy Saturday morning here in funland. Have to get the kids together for an outing, going with uncle to see Finding Nemo. Am trying desperately to find something on Kazaa that will save me having to alter the database files of my Etools by hand--lotta work, that, and for little gain, some of it.

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