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Got some stuff done, but not a whole hell of a lot in the grand scheme of things. This weekend turned into more of a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends. Heard that we're going to be getting some furniture from my mother-in-law's fella, come next Sunday. I'm going to try and remember to snatch up my keyboard and our keyboard stands while we're at [ profile] shrijani's mom's place.

A little touch-up work, and my first second-series picture will be done. But for some reason I felt this mad compulsion to do a religious picture--what do they call the representation of Christ on the cross? Icons? They probably don't even have a name.

It was too hot to carry the sanding table outside and sand my Start. Yesterday I jumped straight out of bed and into the lawn, mowing before it got too hot--and by the end of the mowing foray, sweat was dripping off of me and I was weak from no fooding.

I started another tone/ambient project. I loaded my processing software onto Zanzibar, here, and ol' Zanny really trucks through those long-process alterations. Like dropping a waveform 20 semitones.

I still can't believe how fortunate I am to have formed a gaming group amongst the immediate friends & family. We had a pretty good session, but those poor players just can't seem to get any of these pesky vampires to die! Maybe things will change in the immediate future...

Especially with the town's mayor succumbing the vampiric influence, and his daughter having joined the ranks of the damned.

My poor little gamers are living the old Chinese curse, fo sho.
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So I spent a good portion of yesterday mucking about on the ol' comparoonie.  I checked up on you lovely wonderful-types, and wrote, and then did a lot of fucking about on Team Fortress Classic.  There's this one server I like to hang around on, and when I found out they had stats for the players, I checked them out...only to discover that I had won the Yellow Puddle of Shame award, for the lowest kills-to-deaths ratio.  Meaning that I totally suck.

I got too used to playing massive 32-player Dustbowl games, where you serve up respawns in the first five minutes that would make a donkey choke, as everyone on the Defense team spams the exits with every explosive in the book.  One game I played, it took just over five minutes to break out of the exit tunnel.  So I guess I got used to running around aimlessly and getting killed every three seconds.

Now I mostly play engies, and set up a sentry gun in high-traffic areas, and spend most of my time running back and forth with ammo for it.  Which will of course keep my caps down, but what can you do?  Sentries will up your score, while you hide somewhere and keep your death rate manageable, or go back and forth to resupply to re-up on health and armor.  I've already thought of about five thousand different ways to exploit the stats-meter, but there's no way to compensate in the real world for not being good at playing.  If I play for four hours while everyone is still at work, I can nail the shit out of the kill/death ratio, sniping the bots.  If I wanted to get really crazy with it, I could just log on, kill a few people, and then bail out. 

Considering how long it takes the damn game to load up, though, I'd much rather just fight the bots as a way of practicing TFC skills, and watch how the big kids roll, the sort of nasty tricks they get into, and incorporate those into the way I play.  Like when you blow the grate on the Well map, and then some tricky bastard builds an SG right out in front of the opening of the swim pipe.  I'd pay a dollar to know how it is that the good players can get their grenades to clear the pipe opening, because I sure as fuck can't--in water, they just drop right at my feet and blow me up.  I also probably could do with some practice at constant movement.  You go to shoot the live players, and they're all over the place, up, left, and right, and then they bounce a grenade off your face because you didn't track and kill them fast enough. 

Have to learn how to do that and still shoot worth a crap.

So there you are!  Monday in a nutshell--a gaming recap.


Jan. 2nd, 2008 11:10 am
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They gave me like 8 more userpics since the last time I remember. Which is probably some time back when The Terminator first started showing on HBO, but, whatever. Now I have to come up with another eight icons, on top of the ones that I forget I have already. Whee!

I don't know if I'm cut out for this whole blogging thing. I go quiet for weeks, I basically treat this thing like it's my own personal journal, half the time, and hardly ever comment anyone else. I have been trying to at least return comments, but it's touch-and-go.

Want to hear something sad?

I've had an effects pod by Zoom, for YEARS now (for those of you playing the Home Game, an effects pod is the halfway point between an effect pedal and an effects rack. In other words, in between a distortion pedal and a rack-mounted effects processor like the the huge famous guys use, controlled by a large bank of preset buttons. In other other words, it's a multiple-effect effects pedal with various presets. In other other other words--monkey flesh.) and I've been running it off batteries the entire time (rechargeable!--I'm not a complete barbarian), meaning to some day go out and get an adapter to run it off electricity. So whenever the batteries ran out, I would be like a day or more without my pedal. And then the other day I went upstairs, rooted through my box of adapters, matched the polarity up on one of them, and kicked myself in the face for not thinking of it years earlier.

I can think around corners, but sometimes the most obvious and simple things just walk right by me with a big brass band, and I'm all like, "duh".

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