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So. The threatened list of projects that I mentioned earlier:

1. Edit my writing. All of it. It needs it.
2. Convert Wal-Mart G.I. Joe dolls into zombies.
3. Record my electric guitar compositions and the latest acoustic compositions.
4. Finish Just Wrong's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
5. Finish carving my clay "cuties".
6. Chain mail glove.
7. Sand and refinish Strat.
8. Paint Space Pimpzilla's swagger stick, carve down head a bit.
9. Rip the last of my audio cassettes down to digital. Did someone say there's a program for this?
10. Set up the surround sound system in the office for tunes.
11. Finish about ten different video games.
12. Play all of the others before I go buying any new ones.
13. Finish Chaos Wheel design.
14. Clean technical pens again.
15. Get out drum machine and try a couple of things with it.
16. Try recording one of the things I came up with a while back.
17. Work on mechadoodle.
18. Try a tea painting. (gotta get rid of some of this damn india ink!)
19. Go through CDs and find out which ones are just empty cases and destined to remain that way.
20. Make a table top for one of the stools for downstairs.
21. Finish box.
22. Donut comic.
23. Finish De La Nuit stamp.
24. Carve Kayako.
25. Finish carving ring mold.
26. Carve nut for Pa's first mandolin.
27. Design stencil for "doodle".
28. Carve Toshio.
29. Finish "The Fall of Creel"
30. Finish "Project Green"
31. "Massis Two"
32. "Wolf Two"
33. Finish the computer games I've never finished.
34. Replace Strat's hardware.
35. make chains and more bling for Space Pimpzilla.

That's it for now. Maybe more as I remember them. I suppose I should get on some of these, eh?

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