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Seems like everyone is dreaming.

I dreamt that I was in league with Jim Carrey as the Riddler, and Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, and between the three of us, we were destroying like basically everything--everywhere--we even killed James Earl Jones as the mayor of Dreamville.

Turns out the Green Goblin and the Riddler got on the outs, and they were trying to kill each other, and everything got all Manga-crazy, with the two of them running around in powered suits destroying all sorts of shgit in the attempt tpo kill each other...

They were jumping leagues and blowing each other up, and grappling with each other in the air, in the midst of a busy freeway. And Dafoe was trying to become the new mayor, but Carrey, who was left for dead, limped in and revealed all the evidence that marked Dafoe the mayorial candidate as the Green Goblin menace. And so then, thwarted, Dafoe turned into SuperSuit GReen Goblin, who was for some reason purple, and the battered Carrey and I had to bring him low...
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Part of my fun trio of dreams last night involved the gorgeous Anna, a mixed-asian-blooded beauty who I have never seen before in real life, yet was supposed to have had a crush on in high school, where there were not only hardly any Asian people attending, but none that I really knew and/or liked. I started necking with her a bit, and was desperate to do the old in-out, when suddenly she takes me over to some people, who break oout pamphlets of sexual acts and start breaking down the "rules" to sex with this magnificent young lady (who, like all Beautiful Dream People, Had to be good-looking cuz she was so hard to see), including the fact that the place we were in, some kind of beach house, was constantly subjected to visitation by some form of party inspectors, not to mention the fact that there wasn';t anywhere private to creep off to.

I have come to the conclusion that for me, in this life that I live in, all sex is a hassle.

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