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After having chased [ profile] yendi's link to a review of Multiply vs. Vox, and then popping by the sites mentioned and checking out my shit there, I still can't see why I bothered to sign up. I mean, I barely post here, these days. Too much on my mind, and it seems like I hardly have any time after doing all the other shit that I want to do.

And I'm starting to feel like I haven't got much to say, you know? I've got lots I'm trying to do, and blogging's part of it, but, damn--so much to keep track of! Hell, just keeping up with all that gets posted here is a chore, sometimes.

Pardon the crying, but keeping up with y'all is WORK.

Hey, [ profile] ounceofreason, how's that beard coming?

I've noticed this trend about myself. I don't really care to jump formats. I don't like to change from things if I find something that I like. Like AD&D. Screw Warhammer, GURPS, the White Wolf multi-d10 system--I like that AD&D format, and now the 3d ed. So it is with the blogs. I much prefer the layout and style of LiveJournal to anything I've tried since: MySpace, Vox, Multiply--even wikis.

And, as my hero Oderus Urungus says: "I demand pillows stuffed with hair."

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