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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America
Website:The Shards of Chaos

preview I am the alter ego of Les Mozingo.

I first began talking incessantly in the ultimately over-xeroxed pages of Morbid, where I were the like Editor of that malenky rag. Now, as a full-time fiend, conspiracy-theorist, and servant of The Entity, I find my days are filled with tears, and my library books overdue.

To be sweet to the heads that run LJ I shall mention here that I run adult content here. Adult themes, most definitely adult language, although my ratings tend to go more for violence, language and gore than for sex. You want sexy nymphettes or whatever, you swimmin' in de wrong pond, mon. I'm the Zombie Rage Guy. You better be 18 if you expect to get in on the F-list.

Throwing a brick never felt so damn good....
--"Riot", Dead Kennedys

Baby quit yer cryin' put the clown britches on...
--"The Road Behind", GWAR

You know, one thing I'll never understand about you; no matter how many times I kick you in the teeth, smack you with a manhole cover, throw hot lard in your face, pour molten glass in your always come back for more...
--"Smack U Around", GWAR

I have one of those damn PBwiki thingies now: It's currently crawling with weird and disturbing stuff. Go fondle it.

I have won the coveted Spitting Cobra Award!!

All Your TAcklehug ArE BeLong To ME

Suffer the Inquisition!!

The Rancid Inquisition
Return of the Rancid Inquisition
Bride of the Rancid Inquisition
Son of the Rancid Inquisition
Ghost of the Rancid Inquisition
Curse of the Rancid Inquisition
House of the Rancid Inquisition
Revenge of the Rancid Inquisition
The Evil of the Rancid Inquistion
The Horrors of the Rancid Inquisition
I Was a Teenage Rancid Inquisition
The Rancid Inquisition Conquers the World
The Rancid Inquisition Unbound
Son of the Return of My Inquisition Wants To Kill your Momma
Inquisition Island

You can text me again now. Randomly. I demand it.

I say Bad Words here. If you don't like it, Go Fuck Yourself!

Due to demand, I shall now publish my Wish List. Feel free to buy stuff off of here. It's more a storage spot in case I lose the address or something. But, if you happen to have any of these things and need to get rid of them... Also, used copies of whatever's in there are totally cool.

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